Sod and grass replacement in Plano, Texas

We replaced all of the sod and grass at a home in Plano, Texas receently.  The grass had been killed by the freeze that we had in early 2011.  The homeowner thought that the grass would come back in the spring, but the weather had been so severe that only weeds came up in his yard.    Unlike other winters when the grass would normally revive, this year it did not.

The homeowner in Plano, Texas wanted all of the old sod removed and all of the weeds killed.  We had to “sterilize” the soil once the old grass and weeds were removed.  We treated the soil before planting the new sod.  We also installed a sprinkler system before planting the grass.  This will help keep the grass fresh and looking great.

The homeowner in Plano, Texas, liked our recommendation for adding a sprinkler system to his yard.  He is very pleased with the new sod and grass that we planted.