Lush Outdoorsman Landscape in Flower Mound

In Flower Mound, Texas a landscape we installed a completely changed the look of the house. This customer wanted to give this gift to his wife for their 25th anniversary and he did in grand fashion.

Vegetation Used

We built 1000 square feet of flower beds and a 300 square foot vegetable garden all edged with a stone wall mortared on a concrete footer. Japanese Maples, hosta, mondo, Mahonia, gardenia, Jap yew, knock out roses, ferns,ajuga, liriope, Crepe Myrtle,sage,salvia ,juncus,sweet potato, dianthus, and daylily are all part of the garden. That is a lot of variety in one garden, kind of like their marriage as they put it. They are both big fishers and love the outdoors. I sense that this couple really thought a lot about this over the years.

This Flower Mound Landscape revitalized a few of the neighbors to renovate their own yards. The houses are all two stories tall so trees were neccessary to tone down the scale of the gardens. A certain intimacy arises when bordered by trees and walls.

Container Gardens

The back yard was one big swimming pool and not much room for planting so we created a container garden in pots. A large rosemary and lily of the nile dominated the container garden but 3 lemon trees steal the interest in this Flower Mound Texas Landscape. Container gardening is under utilized here in America and it solves so many problems we encounter with space and size. In Europe, this is used on most patios and small entryways rather than beds. Its easy to take care of if hooked to a sprinkler.We hope to do more container gardens as Lots continue to get smaller in DFW. The Yards in North Texas are getting smaller as you get closer to the city. If you visit the neighborhoods in Flower Mound, Texas, you will notice the yards are bigger than most and I hope they stay that way.