Hiring a Dallas Landscape Company

What Can a Professional Dallas, TX Landscaping Company Do for Your Commercial Property?


If you think Dallas, TX landscaping companies don’t work when the weather gets a little colder, you haven’t been utilizing all of the services that they can offer you. Over the holidays is a great time to enhance the look of your commercial property and take it to the next level. We understand that you get busy during this time of year, and that’s why Dallas, TX landscaping companies are here to save you time and money. We don’t just run a landscaping business; we make it our mission to be a valuable resource for the betterment of your commercial business endeavors. Here are just a few things that a Dallas, TX landscaping company can do for you.


They Can Add Style to a Bland Design

Whether you want to add retainer walls with signage incorporated in the stone or provide an additional outdoor area for holiday parties, a Dallas, TX landscaping company can enhance any blandness of your commercial property. Plus, they can give it those personal touches that make the design unique to you and your business. Whether you own office buildings, apartments, or commercial space for different shops and restaurants, the people who occupy your property will appreciate a Dallas, TX landscaping design that is stylish and appealing.


They Can Customize Your Design

If you’re going for a specific look, such as southwestern or elegant, a Dallas, TX landscaping company can provide that for you. If you have ever passed by a landscape that makes you turn and scratch your head because you’re not quite sure what the theme of the design is, then you understand how important it is for your property’s landscape to be customized. Whether you own a restaurant and want your landscape to match the regional food you serve, or you have an apartment that plays on a French name and style, let your Dallas, TX landscaping company know and they’ll match it with their design.


They Can Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

Let’s face it – a little neighborly competition with the surrounding businesses can be fun. When you hire a professional Dallas, TX landscaping company, you’ll have the edge on the buildings around you. People will take notice and appreciate the beautiful views you give them everyday. This will add more value to your property and the surrounding area, and over time they will eventually put more money in your pocket because people will seek out your buildings over others in the area.


You don’t have to wait for the holidays to hire an experienced Dallas, TX landscaping company. At Mike Riley’s Landscaping, we want every day to feel like a holiday and give your commercial landscape a beautiful look. We understand the value it adds to commercial property and we take pride in the craftsmanship and attention to detail that is put into every job. Take the time to get in touch today and we’ll help give your commercial property a boost over the competition.

Outdoor Kitchen

Increase Your Living Space with Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping in TX


A landscaping design that includes an outdoor kitchen in TX can greatly increase, even double, your living space and can create the ultimate entertainment area for friends and family. Whether you are a serious “grill-master,” or dream of cooking full-sized meals outdoors, an outdoor kitchen space can be customized to fulfill your culinary dreams and can provide a space that truly “wows” your friends. The same high-end finishes you love for inside your home can also be applied to your outdoor kitchen, creating a truly sophisticated and envy-worthy landscaping design.


Creating Your Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping in TX

It is important to first decide on the overall design aesthetic and purpose of your outdoor kitchen. You will also want to have the location picked out, although a professional landscaping company in TX can offer expert recommendations. They can also help you choose the appliances, accessories, and construction materials that best suit your personal style and budget.


Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

These can include any of the high-quality conveniences you use inside, although the most popular will likely be the barbecue grill. When considering the right grill for your specific needs and wants, you will want to think about the number of people you typically cook for, as well as the type of cooking and entertaining that you do. For instance, do you typically cook for just your family, or do you consistently host parties and get-togethers for your friends and neighbors? Also, if you plan to cook full meals on your grill, you will want to look for one that includes side burners. You can choose between models with one or two burners or ones that have a full-sized stove top.


Landscaping Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen.

You will want to think carefully about the materials used to complete your landscaping outdoor kitchen design and consider what materials will be the best for your area’s weather conditions. Materials that can withstand rain, wind, and high humidity without cracking and warping will make for a design that looks great and lasts for a long time.


Some of the best materials for an outdoor kitchen include the following: polymer and brick for a customizable design that can withstand harsh weather conditions; marble and granite are natural materials that work great for counter tops and barbecue islands and can provide a more luxurious aesthetic; and ceramic tile can withstand weathering and can be offered in a variety of colors.


An outdoor kitchen can add to your quality of life by extending your living space beyond the confinement of walls and into a beautifully designed back yard. Outdoor kitchen designs with a landscaping company in TX can cater to your specific style and dream of use for your outdoor space. An exceptionally designed outdoor kitchen, made from beautiful and durable materials, can add serious value to your home, as well as your life. Choose a great landscaping company in TX, like Mike Riley’s Landscaping, and start the design process for your outdoor kitchen today.

Saving Money by Hiring a Professional Landscaper

If you are a home owner planning to renovate your landscaping but also wanting to save money, you are probably weighing the pros and cons of hiring a professional landscaper. After all, you know that having a beautiful property goes beyond simply sowing some grass and planting a few shrubs. While doing your own landscaping may save money to begin with, it may cost more in the long run. Here’s why.

Professional Landscaping Saves Time and Money in Maintenance

Every aspect in the design of your landscaping will determine the ongoing cost of time and money to maintain it. Soil prep, plant selection, ratio of grass to beds and patio areas, as well as their placement, will all have an impact on the amount of time and money you will spend maintaining them. You will spend much less money on fertilizers, for instance, if you have the right plants for your soil type and region. Hiring a professional landscaper will streamline the design process, minimize the time spent implementing the landscape remodel, and make your new landscaping easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Professional Landscaping Minimizes Future Landscaping Renovation

If you begin with a professional landscape for your property, chances are you will spend less time and money over time making modifications to your yard because you will already have in place the best type of grass, plants, shrubs and trees for your yard and region. You can enjoy adding to your yard over time, filling out the original landscaping design, but not reinventing the wheel every time you do so. Many homeowners waste time and money moving plants around, discarding some and planting new ones, in a trial-and-error method of landscaping their yard. We all know this is not the cheapest or most efficient way to accomplish anything. Ask your landscaper to help you make a long-term plan so that future investments in plants and other landscape elements, such as patios, fit into the overall professional design of your yard’s landscaping. You will save time and money over time by employing this method of yard planning and maintenance.

Professional Landscaping Increases Property Value

Finally, when it comes time to selling your property, professional landscaping increases the resell value of your home, possibly adding tens of thousands of dollars to what a buyer is willing to pay. First impressions are important to potential buyers. Having a well-maintained professional landscaping in place will increase the curb appeal that Realtors tell us is so vital to drawing a buyer to your home and getting the most out of your property. Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell to hire a professional landscaper. While interior renovations can go quickly out of style, your landscaping will mature over time, with trees, shrubs, and other plants filling out and becoming more beautiful over the years. And in the meantime, you have a lovely yard for your own enjoyment!

Give us a call today to help you plan and implement beautiful landscaping for your property!

Outdoor Kitchen in Dallas Texas

We built an outdoor kitchen in Lake Highlands for an Engineer in Dallas Texas.

Stylish Stone Mailbox in Dallas Texas

We are building a Stylish Stone Mailbox in Dallas Texas for a client to match the stone wall around his flower beds.

Beautiful new Boat Dock on Cedar Creek Lake

We are building a beautiful new Boat Dock on Cedar Creek Lake. It is in the Lakewood subdivision south of Key Ranch in Trinidad.

It will have a sundeck and it will be 600 square feet or 30 by 20. It should fit a large boat and many people. Cedar creek lake is the one lake in Texas where you actually own the dock and not the Lake Authority. The Dock will be supported by Galvanized 4 inch post sunk in the ground 4 to 6 feet. The deck will be trex decking saddlewood color on treated 2 by 12’s.

Strong Cedar Fence in Dallas Texas

We did a Strong cedar fence in Dallas Texas around a swimming pool. The former fence was fairly new but was not built strong enough. The post were only eighteen inches in the ground and only half a bag of concrete was holding them.The old rails were made from two by threes instead of four inch rails.The Pickets we removed were Chinese cedar which is not a true cedar. We only use Western Red Cedar as it last the best and longest. The post were landscape timbers so we used steel post with steel clamps.

The most important thing to do to build a strong cedar fence in Dallas Texas is bury the post three feet in the ground so they never move. If doing this in a wet area it might need to be deeper than that. If its in water a pile driver or  other equipment might be necessary to properly set the post. On this job we used full two by four inch rough cedar rails. I personally think the smooth two by three and a half inch rails are stronger because it is a harder wood but they are not as rustic looking.

I like to think that a strong Cedar Fence in Dallas Texas will be a pretty fence also. One by six pickets stacked board on board with a two by eight cap and decorative trim were stained with a dark brown stain. The fence came out beautiful and the family loves the look. The privacy they now have makes them comfortable and secure in the back yard  to enjoy the plants and patio they spend so much time on. The fence is so strong that even in a 60 mile per hour storm it didn’t move a bit. With winds like that you have to make sure it ets built right.

Dallas Landscape

Mike Riley’s Landscaping offers a full range of services that include Dallas landscape design, installation and renovation.  The other services we perform that are incorporated with your Dallas landscaping needs are:  stone borders, flagstone patios, retaining walls, drainage solutions, irrigation installation and repair, tree trimming / removal, stone walkways and lawn maintenance.

At Mike Rileys Landscaping we treat every Dallas Landscape project with the care and attention that is requested by our clients.  We understand that each clients landscape desires are different and deserve a personalized touch.  We can tailor any landscape project to fit your individual needs, ideas and within your budget.  Therefore, we pride ourselves on individual customer service.

It is our personal touch that separates us from other Dallas landscape  companies.  Personalized attention means we listen to your landscaping ideas and design a plan around form and functionality.  We will work with each client to achieve the end result you are looking for within the desired budget.  We are constantly striving to produce quality landscape visions for a fair price.  Absolutely no landscaping project is too small or too large.  We give every client the customer service and respect they deserve.   Mike Rileys Landscaping knows  better than anyone that money doesn’t grow on trees and clients want to feel they have received value for their Dallas Landscaping investment.

Please call us today for your free landscaping estimate.  A free estimate means there is no risk to you.  We are proud of the numerous landscape options and services we can provide.  Sometimes, we can bring insight to a problem you are having and just need a different perspective.  We also build fences and do drainage projects as well as Arbors and custom out door projects in the Dallas Texas area. If you are in need of a Dallas Landscape , ask us about our neighborhood discount program. 

Landscaping in Allen, Texas

We did a landscaping job in Allen, Texas recently.  The customer called and wanted some flower beds installed around the front of his house.  He also wanted several trees planted in his front yard.

We selected plants that would compliment the exterior of his home and add both value and beauty to it.

The landscaping customer in Allen, Texas had never had any landscaping donee before.  He had never even considered doing any until  he saw another landscaping job that we had done in Allen, Texas for another customer.  He liked that one so much is why he called on us.

He was so pleased with the job that we did for him he has recommended us to his neighbors and friends in Allen, Texas.


Lake Highlands Drainage Project in Dallas, Texas

Mike Riley’s Landscaping did a drainage system for a customer in the Lake Highlands area in Dallas, Texas recently.  He was having trouble with standing water in yard near his patio.  He had been having problems with the standing water ever since he purchased his home.  He called us to see if we did drainage systems and wanted us to give him an evaluation of what should be done.  We made an appointment with him to see what the problem was.

We took him to see some other drainage jobs that we had done in the Lake Highlands area in Dallas, Texas.  We showed him how the drainage system  had eleviated the problem for the other homeowners.  Once we gave him our evaluation, he decided to hire us to do the job for him.  We installed a French Drain in his backyard to counteract the standing water problem.

The homeowner in Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas, was so pleased with the work that we had done he recommended us to a neighbor who had the same problem with standing water.